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Experience is everything

30+ years experience delivering IT services and solutions.

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IT Managed Services

Tailored to your business requirements.

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Software built for you

Developed, integrated and delivered to fit your needs.

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Industry expert teams

Health, transport, manufacturing and e-business.

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TeleConnect Video Conferencing

Built by us - so you can attend any appointment, anywhere you are.

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Trusted Data Interchange

We make sure you get the extracted data you really need.

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You are not alone

Around the clock support when you really need it.

Our managed services are built for trust, security and privacy.

Custom Software

Do it once, do it right.
Our team of engineers will build your business the functional and customisable product it really needs.

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Security & Authentication

KeyTrust is an industry leader in security and authentication. We use up to date techniques to authenticate users and employees alike so that your business is always protected.

Trusted Data Exchange

Our Trusted Data Exchange is a sophisticated platform that allows the streamline transfer and collaboration of data hosted across external and internal company locations.


Have a platform you want to use but don't want to host? KeyTrust can do the heavy lifting for you! We can host your software on various platforms including local data centers or cloud based solutions.

Tried & Trusted e-Business Solutions

KeyTrust is a leading Trust Service Provider delivering complete Trusted e-Business Solutions to Corporate and Government sectors. Our Managed Trust Service delivers leading edge Identity Management and Secure Access services required for successful e-Business.

This has been our business for a long time.

At KeyTrust, we have seen and done it all over our 26 years of experience. As technology evolves, we make it our business to evolve with it. Our range of products and services are up to date with the most recent security protocols and technologies for your peace of mind. Our belief is that the integration of our products and services into both small and enterprise class businesses should be seamless and with minimal fuss.

Our core values revolve around keeping your data safe, whilst helping your business grow. KeyTrust's UNITY services represent these values. Our management and engineering teams are happy to work with you every step of the way. We believe that it's this ability to work closely with out customers has seen KeyTrust become a strong leader in the IT industry.

Clients & Partners

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